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How to maintain the valve

The surface of the valve, the trapezoidal thread on the valve stem and the valve stem nut, the sliding part of the valve stem nut and the bracket, and the gears, worm gears and worms are prone to deposit a lot of dirt, oil and medium residues, which will cause wear and corrosion to the valve. Therefore, the flushing valve and the bottom wire plug of the steam trap should be opened regularly for flushing, or should be removed and flushed regularly to avoid clogging the valve with dirt. The general dust on the valve can be swept with brush and compressed air, and even can be brushed with copper wire until the processed surface and mating surface show metallic luster, and the painted surface shows the natural color of paint.

Commonly used assembly methods for valves

Valve assembly is a relatively late stage in the production process. Valve assembly is a process of combining various parts and components of the valve to make it a product based on the delineated technical premises. The whole machine is a relatively basic unit for valve assembly, and several parts make up the parts of the valve (such as valve cover, valve clack parts, etc.). The assembly process of several parts forming parts is called component assembly, and the assembly process of several parts and components forming a valve is called general assembly. Assembly work has a great influence on product quality. Even if the design is accurate and the parts are qualified, if the assembly is improper, the valve will not meet the specified requirements, and even seal leakage will occur. Therefore, special attention should be paid to the use of fair assembly methods to ensure the quality of the valve after comparison. The assembly process defined in the form of documents in production is called the assembly process specification.

Congratulations to the official launch of the new website of Omega

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